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Fatty Liver

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Hepatic steatosis, often known as fatty liver, is a disorder in which fat accumulates in the liver. While tiny amounts of fat in the liver are normal, high-fat levels are problematic and can lead to liver inflammation. This will cause liver damage, scarring, and potentially the liver's inability to function.

A fatty liver that develops as a result of excessive alcohol intake is known as alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD), whereas a fatty liver that develops as a result of no alcohol use is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Some major symptoms of fatty liver include weight loss, weakness, fatigue, nosebleeds, itchy skin, abdominal pain and swelling, confusion, etc.

Foods to eat:

• Drink more coffee to reduce abnormal liver enzymes

• Consume more greens

• Tofu helps in reducing fat build-up

• Fish helps to control inflammation

• Avocados help to protect the liver

• Drink more milk

• Olive oil helps in weight management

• Green tea helps in absorbing fat

Foods to avoid:

• Alcohol

• Sugar and processed foods

• White bread

• Pasta

• Red meat

• Salt