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Cardiac Problems

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CHD or Coronary Heart Disease occurs when the inner layer of a coronary artery is injured or damaged. This damage causes fatty plaque deposits to form at the injury site, and this accumulation is known as Atherosclerosis. Platelets will concentrate in the area if fragments of plaque break off or burst in an attempt to heal the blood artery. This cluster can obstruct the artery, reducing or blocking blood flow and perhaps causing a heart attack.

Foods to avoid:

• Whole milk and milk products

• Aerated and alcoholic drinks

• Aerated fruit juices

• Meats like liver, kidney, brain, egg yolk

• Bakery items

• Ghee butter, cream, mayonnaise, bacon fat

• Egg noodles, chocolate, Coconut oil, palm oil, etc.

• Salty foods

Habits to follow:

Consume more fruits and vegetables.

Instead of butter, use vegetable oils and mild margarine.

Instead of bread and cereals, eat entire grains.

Sugar consumption should be reduced.

Nonfat or low-fat milk should be used.

Fish consumption should be increased.

Reduce your salt consumption.